Risk Assessment

We work to ensure the safety of all customers while trying to simplify the process of carrying out risk assessments. This section has been designed to assist you with completing the necessary paperwork needed for your school’s ski tour to Austria.

At HTS Total Ski, we have staff qualified in completing safety audits of the main components of your ski and snowboard tour. Processes are in place to guarantee audits are carried out of accommodation, transportation and après-ski activities. Our Safety Management System (SMS) fully complies with the guidelines set out by the School Travel Forum (STF) and is verified externally by experts on an annual basis. It has been designed to support risk assessments and make your school ski trip a safe experience. 

As Party Leader, you are tasked with assessing the risks that could relate specifically to your group. This will help you create and implement your own personalised risk assessment document and help identify ways to reduce highlighted risks. This may be needed prior to your Local Education Authority (LEA) approving your school ski trip.

Assessing the risks of a ski tour may appear daunting but this should not deter you from providing your students with an exciting and safe experience on the slopes. 

HTS Total Ski is committed to providing all the help and support required to carry out the process of completing risk assessments as efficiently as possible. 

Complete your risk assessment in 7 steps:

1. Check for hazards within the accommodation, in resort, on excursions used for evening entertainment, and on your chosen method of transportation

2. Consider who may be at risk by the hazard and its impact

3. Identify ways in which the risk caused by the hazard can be controlled

4. Record what you found on your risk assessment

5. Implement your control measures when on your school ski trip

6. Enjoy your trip knowing all risks have been effectively managed

7. Review your assessment of risks upon your return home

Please note: Use this document to create your own personalised risk assessment which will assess particular risks specific to your group’s individual needs. The variable factors to include may consist of students with: special needs; disabilities; medical ailments; allergies; behavioural issues; or most commonly, the age of your students.If you do not happen to find what you are looking for in this section, please contact a member of the HTS Total Ski team. You may wish to use our affiliation and compliance with the School Travel Forum to reassure your LEA of our reputability and fully audited safety procedures.

You can download our document on 'Demystifying Risk Assessments' to help you along the road of completing the necessary paperwork. 

View LEA/Independent Assessment Forms

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