Getting cold feet? Cures for frozen tootsies

Published: 11th November 2016

Get ready for a biology lesson! Don’t worry, we’ll leave how blood flows around the body for science in school and instead jump right into our top tips for keeping those little piggies warm on the slopes.

1. Foot baths

We don’t mean getting hold of bubbling spa baths and taking in a pedicure while you’re there. Unfortunately spas don’t tend to accept school groups! However, take a moment to stand in a warm bath before “booting up” and your toes will keep toasty.

2. The boot fitting

It’s important to get the right fit to your ski boots for so many reasons, including your performance on the slopes. Avoid boots that are too tight as this will increase the pressure on the thicker areas of your leg that provide insulation. Blood flow is key and it’s not only restricting its movement that is worth noting. Too loose and your toes will be working overtime to grip inside your boots, thus pushing the blood away from the skin.

3. Base layers

Many sports athletes wear base layers and while there may be students in your cohort trying to flex like Cristiano Ronaldo in his Nike Pros, bringing this bit of kit along can provide that extra bit of care for the feet. How so? By keeping the core warm, there is a greater chance for blood to flow to the furthest reaches – the extremities. 

4. Socks for purpose 

This writer remembers his first school ski trip where he was sent off with his football socks packed away – regrets! Don’t skimp on ski socks; an essential piece of kit. Seek out socks designed for skiers and snowboarders that not only provide padding for the shins, but keep the shin dry. 

5. Spare socks

Some of our Austrian accommodation options allow for groups to choose packed lunches. This is great to maximise time on the slopes, though if your socks become damp through sweat and melted snow it may not be long before the cold sets in. pocket a spare pair of socks for the afternoon to keep those feet cosy. 

6. Let’s dance

You’ve heard of air guitar, but why not whip out the Michael Jackson leg swivel while enjoying your ski lift ride up the mountain. A little shake, rattle and roll of the legs can help the blood circulate. Obviously we don’t recommend trying this on a button lift or magic carpet, but don’t shy away from pulling out those “sick” disco moves.

7. Keep your boots dry

Moisture can build up inside your boots and remain there overnight. To prevent having to step into two puddles each morning, place your boots in the designated storage area. Most of our accommodation options offer heated boot rooms. An alternative is to place your boot liner by a radiator overnight. 

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