5 ways to conquer helmet hair

Published: 30th March 2017

Whether you are rocking the long locks of Ullr the snow god or have the curves of a shorter cut, helmet hair can get to all of us. Here we take a look at 5 ways to fix helmet hair or, if you are really prepared, prevent it in the first place.

1. Get creative with your hairstyles

Braids, plaits, buns…fishtail? No, we haven’t confused hairstyles with a food platter. Look at different ways in which you can tie up your hair. From the classic French braid to a well-tucked plait jutting out of the bottom of your helmet, those skills from your food technology lesson where you were rolling and plaiting pastry…yep, they are going to come in handy. 

For those with fandom for Star Wars, let’s not forget that a variation of Princess Leia’s buns lower down on the back of the head is also a possibility. If you can get your ski buddy to help you out with these, you’ll likely hit the slopes a lot quicker!

Wicker Paradise fish tail CC BY 2.0

2. Bandana it up

You don’t have to be a biker or bandito to whip out a bandana! Forget colours and designs as you consider the practicality of how it can prevent comments of “what is that?” as you unclip your ski helmet.

Fold diagonally in half and wrap around your head before tying it off with a double-knot should keep it in place as you glide your way down the slopes. You could always fold it like Laura out of Little House on the Prairie if it goes a little pear-shaped. You are skiing so embrace the alternative!

Sofia Salom Bandanas CC BY 2.0

3. Girls and guys use hairspray

Did you know that smearing Nutella mixed with half a chopped banana is a great natural alternative to hairspray? No? Good, as neither did we which is why we will keep these ingredients for our pancakes! Hairspray on the other hand allows you to take a messed-up “beachy” surf look with you on the slopes.

Worried about matted hair? Don’t worry dude! Rough it up and take to the wild, free and interesting look with a spritz of the spray.

Knar Bedlam Nutella CC BY 2.0

4. Go short, like really short

This may seem like more of an option for guys than girls. However, when we say short we don’t expect to see a school group full of buzz cuts. Short back and sides and flowy on top is the preference for this skier. Girls, ever thought of a bob haircut? Show off that face with a shorter style for the slopes.

Alternatively, don’t and run with solution number one!

Austin Klrk Hair CC BY 2.0

5. Embrace it!

Helmet hair? No, no, it’s my hair! Embrace the natural mess helmets create while you are carving up new tracks on the piste. Chances are you will not be alone! You could always pocket your favourite beanie hat and whip it out as you stop-off for a hot chocolate on the slopes*. 

*Low and behold, this option was rated as the top choice for those at HTS Total Ski’s Head Office. 


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Skyy hairwhip CC BY 2.0

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